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Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Interview It's-Your-Choice Zine

Well, we did this interview back in 2012 for the "It's your choice" Fanzine but since it  wasn't printed 'til now I decided to release the interview on our blog. 
Thanks maxwell for your understanding.  

Whats up Guys? Hows Life? Much love From the United States Introduce Yourself What band you are in And what you do?

Thanks brother for the heartfelt welcome and your interest in such a untalented band we are. People will hate you after printing this, haha.

My name is Andy and I’am guitarist. I’m fine since I finished my master-studies. Now I reached my personal goal: being highly educated and unemployed.

I just got back from the recordings, which are doing miserable. At least Lars Ulrich or a well trained chimpanzee could do better. Hope that Manuel, our engineer who we pay with welfare checks can fix our incompetence.  Seriously, we’re doing good: the record will sound pretty organic, old school. No Trigger-Bass-Drum-Sissy Stunts.  

How long have you guys been a band and how did the band form?

I would date that terrible event when we first met and jammed back in the late 90s, 98 or so. We’ve been even more untalented that it took like 4 years to find out what we want to do with our free-time. We started the band then under the name EBH in 2002. The reason why we formed the band was pure vanity.  Low self-esteem forced us to make ourselves a little different from the average kids. Musically we had completely different backgrounds. 

You Guys are currently signed with Filled with hate records How did this become about?

Axel who signed us back in the day in 2004 when we released our first very poor produced record “down to concrete”. Since the scene-standard at that time was pretty low too, we did not stand out through the wackness of our production. Our credo was and still is: “originality through incompetence”. It works pretty well, hahaha. Seriously, we have known Axel now for more than a decade and he has always been a commited and fair partner to us. We are proud to be part of the FWH Family which comprises bands such as Fury Of Five, Vietnom, SFAR or Denied just to name a few.  

What is currently going on in your scene today?

Good question. We can’t relate to most what’s going on in the euro-scene. A lotta bands seem to care more about their haircuts, videos
and merchandise and STILL claim to be anticapitalist - hypocrits.

I’d say there are a many parallels with the hair metal scene of the 80s or the boy groups in the 90s. It’s sad to see that the few who really kick ass don’t get the attention they deserve. That’s basically how I feel.

What else? There’s a lot of pc-scene police around these days, claiming the holy grail of hardcore. It’s funny to see kids who are at least 10 years younger than me who try to tell me what I am supposed to do, eat, drink, say or think. Oh, boy this really annoys an old man. Keep respecting everybody but I don’t have to agree.

How was 2012 For you guys??!

Personally it’s been a tough year for some of us. We shed our skin and started again. We did 2 demo productions of the upcoming record to avoid mistakes in songwriting and arrangement. We kinda have our own lo-budget studio which gives us the chance to work our stuff out in detail until we feel ready to hit the studio. Moreover our drummer and me are pretty much into recording, concepting and stuff. We don’t dig this typewriter-hi-end-hit-one-button-preset-sound most euro-bands today want to sound like. So we claim an island position among legions of clone-bands.   
You guys are currently in the studio to release new material .What is the name of the new material. What were the main influences In the sound And what influenced the writing material?

Our working title is “TRIFE LIFE”. Me and Steph (the other guitarist) were facing some hard times. For the lyrics we kind of used this record to cope with the shit going on in our lives. Including all ridiculous weak and embarrassing thoughts one would never dare to tell anyone in real life (except in a record every stranger can download, hm… how inconsistent).  We do some soul stripping.

When it comes to the music I gotta say that we’re very versatile.         For instance, I listen to all kinds of music. But def. the main influences on TRIFE LIFE were the Cro-Mags (A&O era), Merauder, Stigmata (the whole troy-core thing), Entombed, All Out War, Slayer and 100 Demons.  Additionally Rene Schuetz, founding Member of the 80s Thrash Metal Legend Accu§er will propably shred on one song for us.

What bands do you think are currently on top of their game right now that people should know?

Speaking about european hardcore I'd say The Platoon, Look My Way, Tiger Crew, The Ice, Dog Dayz, Optimist, OFTC, Purgatory or Tempest are really worth to check out.

Others which pretty much fit our musical state of mind are Black Breath, Twitching Tongues, Hardside, Disgrace, Truth’n’ Rights, Entrails, Anguish, Harms Way, War Hound, Soul Search, there are plenty of good bands.

Describe your band in one catch phrase

back to square one

What are your plans for 2013?

Rebirth. I guess that sums it up pretty well. We will release the album hopefully in late spring or early summer. Then play some shows and maybe touring. Additionally we might release a 7’’ with some real weird stuff. Maybe a whole german sung version of 2-3 songs of us. Other thoughts were about putting out some coversongs. Moreover we have a Type O Negative tribute / homage under our vests. We’ll see what happens. We’re still very busy with our jobs and families, so what we get done this year.  

Who are EBH's Main influences?

From John Coltrane, over 24/7 Spyz,  to Carnivore and from Obituary to ZZ Top. Especially 90s Hardcore/ Metal/Mosh like Merauder, Stigmata, Next Step Up, Bulldoze, Mushmouth, Cro-Mags, Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Crowbar, Dismember, Kreator, Morbid Angel plus a lots of weightlifting, crossfit, SXE + kickboxing (Stephan), coffee, redwine, beer, cigarettes, dmaa  and a little sociopathic weltschmerz.

What does hardcore mean to you?

What is Hardcore for us? It depends on the situation I guess. Sometimes maybe, it seems to be elitist dickhead movement? Or  gathering of superficial rockstar-behaving sideshow thugs trying to impress heavy tattooed chicks?  

Nah, I guess for us it’s mostly our juvenile years, friends, precious memories, something that gave us a reason to carry on, to make us feel strong.

As we close this interview any final words?

“I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone.”
-Peter Steele

Make something out of this quote.

Any final shout outs In conclusion of this interview? Much love you guys thank you for your time
Thank you Maxwell. Respect to Chief & the 211 Boot Boys, Dennis & FedUp!NYC, Warhound, the Young Bros & Twitching Tongues, Ruckus, Axel FWH, Toni BDHW, LMW, Tempest, The Ice, OFTC, 623 crew, BBD and our DRM fellows. 

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Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace Carl Griffin

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EBH is gettin' ready for another video shot on sunday. 
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the preproduction starts now

We gonna meet at 11:00 at the rehearsal to record the drums for the pre-production / demo. 
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